Or Why I’m Starting a Blog Series

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It’s finally happened. Bootcamp has ended, life has returned to “normal”, and I feel mostly motivated but kind of aimless. This is my life with very little structure, and it has not been a fun ride.

After a mini-break (two months, if we’re being precise) and spending time stressing about things other than coding, it’s time to rejoin the world and be productive. To do this, I’m throwing myself into learning languages, frameworks, and algorithms until I can only see lines of code when I close my eyes.

Let’s consider this a formal…

When Just Enough JavaScript Feels Like None At All

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So, you think you know JavaScript. You can write conditional statements galore, have mastered the art of the arrow function, and you’ve built objects with ease. Now, you’re being asked to update the DOM while implementing callback functions and all of that sounds like a mistake (it’s not). How do any of these things relate to one another? What is a DOM, and where is it? Were any of those other things even necessary?

They were, and while it may not be obvious right now, you’re more than prepared to take the next step.

What’s the DOM?

The Document Object Model, or DOM…

The Ones in Rails, Not Your Clothing

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Author’s Note: I named this blog before I remembered how risqué the song and video for “Loosen Up My Buttons” actually were. Sticking with it.

Buttons are beautiful! They’re fabulous! They’re functional, but can also be used to add flair to your favorite bits of clothing! They’re the unsung hero of the fashion industry, and should be praised for their loyalty despite the rise of the zipper.

Much like clothing, buttons in Rails are functional, are fabulous to work with, and can make our views beautiful. …

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Apparently, I’m a Type A personality — I love a well organized list. When pen hits paper and I can finally cross something out, I feel ecstatic. Whether it be a single line, an elaborate spiral or a series of exes, nothing compares to that moment when I know I’ve completed something. Unfortunately for me, that feeling has all but disappeared over the past two weeks.

In early 2020, before COVID-19 forced the world to halt (and catch fire), I decided to take a risk and pursue Software Engineering as a potential career. I’d spent years in positions that didn’t…

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